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Brian Dibala

Houston, TX

About Brian Dibala

Houston, TX

Brian Dibala is a Houston based illustrator that specializes in bright colors and surreal concepts. Living in the tech world for most of his life he's been able to escape by creating magical realities full of fantastic creatures. He has been on a never ending journey of studying and exploration, taking in inspiration from travel, dreams and fellow artists. He has shown his art in several art shows around Texas and has put together two solo shows. He has also worked with big and small clients to bring their brands and ideas to life, including stickers, shirts and murals.

Additionally Brian Dibala has created Houston Drink and Draw, an art club with it's arms open to everyone from amateur to professional. With a dream of creating a bigger art community that accepts people of all skill levels he has worked to bring people together through scheduled in person and digital meet ups and social media accounts, all focused on creating art and socializing. He has also curated and organized art shows for the Houston Drink and Draw community.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Art Franz Collab Show
    Catbirds, Houston TX, 2019
  • Beasts and Babes: The Art of Brian Dibala
    Catbirds, Houston TX, 2019
  • I Made This For You: Works From Brian Dibala
    Town and City Brewing, Houston TX, 2017
  • Art Franz Winter Show
    Bombshell, Houston TX, 2016

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