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Brendan Killian

Jamaica Plain, MA

About Brendan Killian

Jamaica Plain, MA

I began painting sheep 20 years ago during an artist’s residency in Vermont. This work marked a huge departure from my previous work, inspired by both the pastoral setting as well as the changes I was experiencing on a personal level. Although I’ve moved on to other subject matter since, (horses, rabbits and various other real and imagined creatures), like a shepherd, the sheep continue to lure me back, and I always feel obliged to answer they’re call. In a general sense, the sheep serve as a visual metaphor to explore issues of sacrifice and spiritual transformation. Not unlike they’re roll in Christian iconography. On a more personal level, they embody a faith in the future, hence my choice of title; “Response”. Likewise, the other animals in my repertoire inhabit another emotional landscape charged with the vernacular that best describes my current perception of reality.

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Other works by Brendan Killian

Selected Exhibitions

  • "The Haven"
    Jamaica Plain, MA, 2020
  • South Shore Arts Center
    Cohassett, MA, 2003
  • "Works on Paper"
    Boston, MA, 2003
  • AAF Art Fair
    New York, NY, 2003
  • Perrin Gallery
    Brookline, MA, 2003


  • Iowa State University, Bachelor of Fine Arts
    Ames, IA,1984 

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