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Bradley Clark

Salt Lake City, UT

About Bradley Clark

Salt Lake City, UT

Bradley is a watercolorist for publication, licensing and private collections.
Raised in Idaho, he lived and worked in New York for 30 years as a freelancer and is now back in the west.

He exhibits two styles: a modified “Retro” style focusing on elegance and Deco Era design, and traditional watercolor landscapes.

Bradley is also the art director for, where they tell personal histories through original commissioned art and hand bound books.

His artwork has been commissioned for many national and international clients including: American Express, Dreamworks, Godiva Chocolates, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Waldorf Astoria, Walt Disney Co., Wedgewood/Waterford, American Airlines, New York Times, Miami Design Preservation League.

Bradley is an accomplished amateur singer and recently moved to Salt Lake City to sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

“I enjoy designing and painting images in my studio, it is a careful and involved method. This realistic and decorative work has a studied and storytelling quality. I also enjoy painting in a direct plein-air style which is something I need to keep my technique fresh and to stay in touch with the medium.
I travel often and try each day to record a location which captures my attention. In these landscapes I represent the textures, colors, light and atmospheric perspective found outdoors in strong sunlight or moody weather. My intensity of focus when painting outdoors enriches both my watercolor technique and my travel experience and when I review these paintings they transport me to the original scene.”

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Other works by Bradley Clark

Selected Exhibitions

  • Red Butte Garden Gallery
    University of Utah- Salt Lake City, UT, 2016
  • Alpine Art
    Salt Lake City, UT, 2016
  • Southham Gallery
    Salt Lake City, UT, 2014
  • Art Directors Club of New York
    New York City, NY,
  • The One Show
    New York City, NY,

Press and Accolades

  • Watercolor Magazine


  • Art Center College of Design, BFA
    Pasadena, CA,1980 

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