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Mooresville, NC

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Mooresville, NC

As a former custom luthier (Harper Resophonics 2003-2012), Brad had customers – many of whom lived out of state or country – often ask to see progress in the build of their instrument. Long before everyone carried a camera in their pocket, he researched and bought a DSLR camera to photograph the process, and – much to his surprise – it became one of his favorite facets of building. He shot primarily black and white – likely due to exposure to Ansel Adams in his youth – and loved chasing all the lines, texture, and angles. Surprisingly, he'd grow to enjoy the photography aspect as much as the luthiery. Brad is currently based in North Carolina, where he can slip off to the mountains and the beach in just a few hours. He also spends time in New York City, Coastal North/South Carolina, the North Carolina High Country, and many State and National Parks.

In general, he works to find interesting perspectives of the world around us, so that we can be reminded of how life might and ought to be. His goal is to capture and present a distillation of that in nature and people which he considers worth cherishing. He works to capture and present something that reaches us – maybe an impressive situation of light, his take on a classic vista, a view that's unique, a scene from a favorite vacation spot, a new way at looking at reality, or an image of location that makes you feel nostalgic. He wants to make images which make us feel alive, which say about life, "This is good, and worth seeing again."

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Press and Accolades

  • Our State Magazine
    February 2021

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