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Blandine Saint Oyant

Pasadena, CA

About Blandine Saint Oyant

Pasadena, CA

My work explores the relationship between fluidity and control, spontaneity and structure, calmness and exuberance. My process employs liquid oil paint poured on the surface of the canvas. When the different batches of colored paint are poured and the canvas rotated back and forth, the pigments intermingle and fuse into visually striking patterns and shapes. After many years of painting , my process remains largely experimental and improvisational. My aim is to create a space in which contrasting elements are interwoven into organic and fluid compositions. My paintings are about a world in a perpetual state of transformation, an unfolding elegant chaos of energies, a moving buoyant magma of colors and forms frozen into art.

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Other works by Blandine Saint Oyant

Selected Exhibitions

  • H Gallery
    Ventura, CA, 2019
  • LA Artcore
    Los Angeles, CA, 2016
  • Galerie de l’Évèché d’Uzès
    Uzès, France , 2014
  • Marin County Foundation
    Novato CA , 2013
  • Sylvia White Gallery
    Ventura, CA, 2010
  • LA Artcore
    Los Angeles, CA, 2010


  • School of the Museum of Fine Arts, BFA and Diploma in Painting
    Boston, MA,1989 
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Studies in painting and drawing
    Chicago, IL,1985 

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