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Bj Ray

Adamsville, AL

About Bj Ray

Adamsville, AL
A very special teacher gave me my first camera and the only directions were to “show me what you see”. I grew up in a very small town and I didn’t think there was much to see. With her encouragement I found out there was. The things I saw everyday the railroad tracks a falling down house the ordinary things but from a different prospective and in a different light. To take a photo of something you pass by everyday, a building, a fountain or bed of flowers and cause the viewer to stop and look again. That is what makes a great photo to me.
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Other works by Bj Ray

Selected Exhibitions

  • Children's Hospital
    Birmingham Al., 2016
  • Grandview Hospital
    Birmingham Al., 2016
  • Central Alabama Electric Cooperative
    Montgomery Al., 2015
  • Health South inc
    Las Vagas NV, 2014
  • BBVA Bank
    San Antonio Tx, 2013


  • UAB, no
    Birmingham al,1978 
  • University of Alabama, no
    Tuscaloosa Al,1976 
  • Brewer St Jr Collage, no
    Fayette Al.,1975 

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