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Bhasweti Gewhas

Overland Park, KS

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Overland Park, KS

Artist Bhasweti Gewhas is born in India. She worked under an eminent Indian artist Ramananda Bandopadhaya for many years to learn water color wash techniques. Now she works mainly in Mixed Media and Watercolors.
Since 2000, she is exhibiting her art in many galleries in India and US.
When she came to US, she finished PhD in economics and taught many years in Kolkata university. Then she started teaching in Boise State University, ID. When her husband moved to New Mexico she moved with him and changed her profession from teaching Economics in university to practicing Spiritual Counseling. Her art has also undergone a significant change – finding balance in outer as well as inner life. In her art she explores the depth of spirituality, folk art forms and nature. She thinks herself as a creative storyteller who has deeper secrets to share. The inner meanings of her art – create special appeals to people as they bring peace and the joy of life.
Sanctuary of Peace: Her landscape paintings are depicting diverse natural environments, beauty of nature of different states of US expressing simplicity and joy. These landscapes represent vibrant energy of nature, based on a folk-art form (Shisha Work) from India, using paper collage created by hand made colored papers with mixed media painting; the style is very simple and rustic. The technique represents Shisha Work where Indian artisans using broken mirrors, sequins in their works. I used brilliant colored sequins to integrate dazzling, alive, fresh life force energy of nature; the sequins are symbolically used to represent the life force energy to blend with plants, water, stars, sun, eyes of the birds and raindrops to bring the alive, dynamics of life in my art. This series of landscapes resonated in my heart as “sanctuary of peace”. They ignited the healing energy of natural environments in my meditations of peace.
These paintings are also representing the blending of cultural diversities of two different but beautiful cultures – as I used colorful Indian folk art style (Shisha work) to depict the beautiful nature of different states of USA.
The life force energy of nature depicted in these paintings will also be bringing to the onlooker and their surroundings the healing touch of santuary of peace of nature and life force energy. Meditation on these paintings will help you to receive the peaceful energy of nature to heal stress from your life. If you are stressed in busy life then just watching a tranquile piece of nature as santuary will bring you temporary healing tough of nature in your home. These paintings are useful to bring peace of mind and can help you to receive healing touch of nature instantly.
Creating these painting helped me to transcend my restless mind to find blessing of calmness and I feel these paintings can bring that belssings to you too. They are a wonderful tool of stress management.
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  • Jadavpur University , PhD
    Kolkata, India,1998 

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