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Arijit Naskar

West Bengal, India

About Arijit Naskar

West Bengal, India

Artist / Freelance / Graphics
[email protected]

Hi, my name is Arijit also known as Arijit Works, a Digital Artist from India. I make all my art using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. Using a technique called photo manipulation, I create all the visuals from the imagination and ideas of my mind. My works usually revolve around subtle surrealism, fantasy, and space but I also experiment with stuff from other genres. I had a creative mind from my childhood – I used to draw all kinds of stuff and build unique architectural structures from Lego blocks but my passion with Digital art didn't start like a passion. In my High-School, we had annual projects and I used to build mockups and covers using Photoshop until one day I realized that it can be used to create anything! Hereafter, I started my endless journey in Digital Art and finally became a self-taught artist. Even though I am still a student studying science and formulas, in my spare time I always experiment with different stuff in Digital Art and I also watch a lot of tutorials and art videos from YouTube. In my view, art is a subtle way of expressing one's thought without the need of words and art in itself is a unique world for the artist where he can express his feelings without the fear of the judgment of society.

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  • Welkin National School, (10+2) Higher Secondary

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