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Anuj Madan

Hawthorne, CA

About Anuj Madan

Hawthorne, CA

I create art not the way I see it but rather the way I want to see it.
Looking at a scene when I photograph it, it is for the potential of it.
As we grow, get older, we all break, we have broken hearts and broken dreams, everything breaks around us. But you're constantly putting it back together and that's how we all become different.
The breaking apart and putting back together process happens at a cellular level and an emotional level and it makes you who you are as an individual.
We're all the same inside so there is no difference. It's in the way things break and the way they are put together that all our beauty and uniqueness comes out and that's what THIS is.

This is how I want to break things and this is how I want to put them back together. I control my art even though I can't control who I am and how I became this way. This is an extension of me… This is me taking control and CREATING in spite of being created by a universe that I cannot understand completely.

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