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Anne Gabrielle Callf

Princeton, NJ

About Anne Gabrielle Callf

Princeton, NJ

Born in the south of France, Anne Gabrielle Callf was exposed to the sharp of the light and the beauty of nature. She trained in traditional technics on walls, such as ornamentation, gold leaf, patina, and decorative coating. Her moved to Asia offered her a proximity to a new culture that a significant impact to the way of thinking her painting. She creates abstract scenes using her frame as an old used wall covered of multi-layers of time. Her work is constructed through a balance of layering of texture and old papers that create movement between different patterns. The flow of emotion in her art work communicates the duality of fleeting and continuity of life. Anne Gabrielle graduated from the Atelier de Sevres- Interior design in Paris- and from the famous painting school Van der Kelen in Brussel. She has exhibited her works in art shows since 2010 in France, Singapore, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.
"These fragments of paper, these fragile elements that compose my paintings, are a reminder of the past, these tiny pieces of history, like a jigsaw puzzle, put together again by the spectator's eye."

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Affordable Art Fair-Evart gallery
    Singapore, 2019
  • Affordable Art Fair
    Hong Kong , 2018
  • Affordable Art Fair
    Singapore, 2017
  • Affordable Art Fair
    Singapore, 2016
  • LGMY Gallery
    Shanghai, China, 2014
  • D Design
    Annecy France, 2010


  • Institut Van der Kelen , decorative painting
    Brussels, Belgium,1993 
  • Atelier de Sevres , interior Design
    Paris, France,1992 

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