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Clearwater, FL

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Clearwater, FL
As early as I can remember, I loved pictures. I started playing with photography when the 110 camera was popular, photographing family, my favorite places and the people who most interested me. While viewing the work of noted photographer, Ernest Withers, I wanted to do the work he did or at least continue the great art of picture making. I liked the way his pictures moved me, the history, the important social moments, the black and whiteness of it, raw truthful art.The ability to see art in dis-guarded things is what I convey to my audience through these images of Macro Abstract photography. We live in a world that requires us to see things on many levels and from different view points, we often find ourselves trapped and fixed in our thinking due to traditions, cultures and experiences. But the time has come to break free and explore a new world of viewing. I chose an Art form that would challenge me to open up my artistic vision and discover art on another level and a different view point. I have all ways been fun of colors and textures but have never investigated it as an artistic medium. In this project I have focused my camera on the fine textures that appear all around us. There are colors and textures in almost everything we see, but that does not make it art. I have taken a meticulous approach by kneeling down,leaning against, and standing over barriers, to discover these colors and textures and found a way to present them as an artistic form. In my pursuit of this artistic medium, I have discovered interesting patterns, colorful arrangements and rich textures, that have naturally occurred over time. I have photographed these images so that the viewer will feel a sense of wonder while viewing my work.

"My camera is my paint brush and the human mind is my canvas"

Albert L. Crozier, Fine Art Photographer

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Other works by Albert Crozier

Selected Exhibitions

  • Raw Artists Memphis
    Memphis, TN, 2013


  • University of Memphis, Fine Art Photography
    Memphis, TN,2018 

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