Adina Lohmuller Meet

Adina Lohmuller

Brasov, Romania

About Adina Lohmuller

Brasov, Romania

Hello, I am a Romanian artist, living and working in Brasov, Romania.
I don't have art studies, but I owe very much of what I know to my husband Gyuri Lohmuller, a well known and experienced artist, who encourages me and trusts in me.
I work mostly in oil on canvas. I prefer themes like love, childhood, spirituality, history. I work mostly in a surrealistic/ symbolistic style. I like to express emotions like struggle, sadness, emptiness through one's expression.
I also enjoy vintage scenes, which make me feel nostalgic and I try to bring out that past times, the lost innocence and joy of life which I don't find nowadays. I try to bring out the beauty of old street scenes, people having fun, enjoying life as it is.

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