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Adam Alumbaugh

Florissant, MO

About Adam Alumbaugh

Florissant, MO

Has life become a complete set of coincidences or is it destiny see that's my story. With no formal education or background my artistic side has been coincidental full of inspirational manifestation moments. I'm your regular nine-to-five man who has found that photography can be a beautiful form of communication an expression. Through a hard-working injury I lost my job found it that everything happens for a reason and that's how I stumbled upon photography in nature and how it correlates with architecture so I blend them together. With a $300 camera no experience no editing tools no tripod no lights, I took that as a challenge and it force me to be more creative. Within one year I was voted by a local news affiliate as one of the top photographers in St Louis to follow on Instagram. That inspiration inspiration landed in article written about my story on a local website. Recently Fed ex has one and two of my images. Passion is power.

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