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About Timothy Buckwalter

San Francisco, CA

Originally from Pennsylvania, Timothy Buckwalter (born 1966) now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He graduated magna cum laude from Tyler School of Art.

Timothy Buckwalter 's work has been included in the "Linz Biennale": and exhibited nationally at De/Chiara Stewart Gallery in New York; Elizabeth Leach Gallery in Portland, Oregon; Rebecca Ibel Gallery in Columbus, Ohio; and Pharmaka in Los Angeles.

Over the last five years, Buckwalter helped pioneer the curating of online exhibitions, including his own yearlong weekly drawing shows. Recently, he guest curated a show — based on Echo & The Bunnymen’s pop classic Killing Moon — for "The Beholder": He has also guest curated Come Tomorrow: 25 Years of "NIAD": for Eyebeam’s Add-Art project and Feeling Yourself Disintegrate for SFMOMA's OpenSpace.

For the first half of 2011, Buckwalter organized a three-part exhibition series for NIAD that combines the work of more than 30 mainstream artists with works from more than 25 disabled artists in NIAD's gallery space. The series coincided with a retrospective of the program, organized by "Larry Rinder": at the Berkeley Art Museum.

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