Yellowstone: View II

Piece description from the artist

A collection of Wyoming photography taken by artist KBR in October of 2014.

In what has become a diverse collection of fine art photography, KBR imagery primarily revolves around the creature interpretation of rural and urban environments, and more specifically her home state of Kansas, the rural great plains and Rocky Mountains. The photos challenge the viewer to look at the world through a raw, in-the-moment lens; capturing real-life moments and experiences as they pass by: unstructured, unplanned and imperfect visual representations of the surrounding world. Focusing on the unknown aspects and small details of familiar rural scenes, these views provide a glimpse of detail often overlooked or taken for granted: creating a modern twist on otherwise traditional landscape and lifestyle portraiture.

Other works by Kaley Rhodes

About Kaley Rhodes

Smith Center, KS

Creative Director, obsessive photographer, film editor, abstract painter and magazine designer. Avid dirt-road explorer, food seeking, thunderstorm loving, workaholic dreamer.

KBR (Kaley Brooke Rhodes) is a mid-western based contemporary visual artist with roots in the great plains of Kansas and the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies. Known primarily for explosive color and motion in modern abstract paintings, her body of work has expanded over recent years to include eclectic, realism-style works that use various new-age mediums. In what has become a diverse collection of artwork, her pieces primarily revolve around the impression and interpretations of rural and urban environments, and more specifically, her home state of Kansas. Abstracts, painted views, black and white photography and rare projects that include fashion, architecture and surreal, dream-like subjects can be found in corporate collections, restaurants and private residences from Hollywood to New York and Canada to Dubai.

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