Yellow Dune Flowers in Carmel, CA

Piece description from the artist

This was one of the paintings I created for the Carmel Art Festival. I was lucky to be chosen from the best painters in the country to participate. We had three days to do two paintings and I chose for one of mine this beautiful dune next to the ocean. These wild flowers on the white sand immediately jumped out at me as interesting. The picture doesn't do it justice but the original work is professionally framed and has clean, colorful brush strokes.

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About Jon Wolf

San Francisco, CA

My name is Jon Wolf. I grew up in Missouri and have lived in California for 22 years. My brother, Mike is my closest contemporary and is a professional artist living in LA. I have been painting since I was about 17. In high school, I studied under Ed Miller. He emphasized work ethic and the principles and elements of design. We were lucky to have the best art teacher in America in that small town.
Oil Painting: Why oil painting? There is a reason original oil paintings hang in
the most exclusive rooms and hallways in the world. They’re more than just beautiful and valuable. Paintings are historical vestiges that you can physically touch. They’re handmade. And they’re emotional. Paintings are alive and correspondingly, have an affect on the world around them. They can nudge you awake and calm you down. Paintings leave an impression that not only doesn’t go away but actually increases over time. The gravity of a painting can move you and bring dead space to life. Food, vacations, and events are treasures, but they are temporary. Paintings are items you pass down to your children.

My Style: I am influenced mostly by the Americans, Edward Hopper, John
Singer Sargent, and Andrew Wyeth, but ! also by many of the French
impressionists (the masters of color) Like them, I chose to “paint what I know".

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