World trade

World Trade

Piece description from the artist

Like the rest of my work in this series, high-voltage electricity was used to burn organic patterns into this piece. The burn patterns make up the tree portion, blossoming out of the right tower, and the black lines of the flag in the background. This painting began as an expression of masculinity, but what started as basic geometric forms soon developed into a complex iconography. In this way, the qualities of the painting are emergent, in that I try and take the role of the outside viewer looking to the piece for semantic content. Classical, oriental painting forms have always been a big inspiration to me. In this painting there is a clear reference to Chinese watercolor techniques and Japanese woodblock styles. The symbolism can also be linked to an "eastern" sensibility, demonstrating how such a catastrophe can be fertile ground for growth.

Other works by Cory Hunter

About Cory Hunter

Miami, FL

Cory Hunter is an artist from Miami, Florida, who works at the intersection of art and science. He describes his main motivation as “capturing the creative moment;” rather than creating an image, the intent of the work is to translate the psychographic energy of his movements, while allowing the physical properties of the medium to shape the resulting compositions. In this way, his work can be explained as aleatoric, for a portion of the creative process is left to chance.

Cory’s art is an exploration of how spontaneity is at once random and uniform, given the principles of fractal geometry. Stylistically, his work is a blend of classical oriental watercolor with contemporary pop art and abstract expressionism. His use of gouache paint allows for strong, striking, color combination, but maintains a delicate feel. Though the subject matter of his works varies, he explains that using recognizable iconography encourages a subjective interpretation.

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