Wonka vision

Wonka Vision

Piece description from the artist

Original is painted canvas varnished to be used as a floor mat.

Other works by Katie Glassman

About Katie Glassman

Boston, MA

Katie Glassman has always loved the intricate designs of textiles. In high school, she was lucky enough to have an art teacher who encouraged her to embrace this passion and create new patterns of her own. She draws inspiration from the decoration of the world around her, be it clothing, architecture, or interior design. Her work combines styles from all parts of the world and all periods of time, bringing them together with a handcrafted touch that sets them apart from the reproducibility of conventional textiles.

Katie was raised in Louisville, Kentucky and earned her bachelors degree in art history from Tufts University in 2011. She now lives and works in Boston, where she has wonderful roommates who not only tolerate but support her painting all over their apartment.

See Katie's portfolio here

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