Woman with her hound

Woman with her Hound

Piece description from the artist

A contemporary rendition of a portrait of the matriarch

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About Kathleen Melian

Los Angeles, CA

Katheen Melian is a Los Angeles based painter. Her paintings employ varying degrees of representational and figurative images culled from her own photography and found imagery. Her imaginary worlds could readily pass as real, questioning how subjective our perceptions really are. Her own experience is that so much is driven by emotions surrounding an event and one's imagination, interpretation and understanding of the world, which is highly individual and varied from person to person.
Her paintings are depictions of some of her responses to and perceptions of spaces she encountered in reality or how they manifested themselves later in her memory.

Melian's paintings use lush paint and color to describe these spaces that vary from idyllic and opulent to mysterious and almost horrific. She is currently featured in New American Paintings magazine and in an artist interview at CDsavoia.com.

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