Wiggle ii

Wiggle II

Piece description from the artist

Abstract interpretation of Landscape.

Other works by Brian Corey

About Brian Corey

Bedford, MA

Brian Corey is an artist who is currently residing in Massachusetts. His art is heavily influenced by the New England landscape and he creates two-dimensional, abstract interpretations of that terrain. The complex arrangements of the natural world inspire the structures that he creates in his paintings; intentional and random lines in his work mimic the growth and decay inherent in terrain, and the various layers reveal a history in evolution, constantly producing new form and depth. In the landscape, Brian is most attracted to the ambiguous forms that emerge, multiply, and break down

As a husband, father, artist, art educator, and dog owner, Brian is an individual with many different roles and a very fluid lifestyle. He is also the recipient of a 2008, "Massachusetts Cultural Council":http://www.massculturalcouncil.org/programs/programs.asp artist fellowship.

See Brian's portfolio here

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