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For this artwork, several photographs from theatre archives were cut and taken out of context in order to create a collage. The resulted image was used as a reference for the drawing. It is a process that Dan applies in most of his artworks. The title is also important since it gives the viewer a path to direct the analyses and the contemplation of the artwork. There are no limits to the interpretation of the image since each individual, filters the perception of reality through the life experiences, cultural background, or various knowledge.

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About Dan Laurentiu Arcus

Brussels, Belgium
Coming from Romania, Dan Laurentiu Arcus graduated the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca, a well known incubator of successful emergent artists. Living and working in Belgium Dan started focusing on painting and drawing only three years ago and his works are now part of more than one hundred private collections around the world. Faceless figures, in absurd situations, common people, living in an ignorant society are all usual subjects for Dan’s radiography of the contemporary times. In a very short period he managed to establish a style where the colour is treated as an unexpected intervention, sudden, like an accident. That creates action on the character sometimes static and a spectator himself. In each composition there is a strong relation between the figure, the gesture and the environment, with hidden meanings for which the title serves as a guide for contemplation. He works in multiple techniques and mediums with a preference for the dry pastel and charcoal because “it gives the painting a velvet texture with very little reflections which keeps the colours saturated and the contrasts deep and spectacular”.
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