Whispers in the dark

Piece description from the artist

Meandro del Melero, Spain.

Other works by Jorge Maia

About Jorge Maia

Lisboa, Portugal

Jorge Maia is a freelance travel & Landscape photographer, born in Lisbon in 1975. Since very young, he had a connection to photography, using his parents' cameras to be able to rise his creativity. He started with analog photography and in order to elevate is knowledge of photography, he studied photography at ar.co – “Center for Art and Visual Communication” and at ETIC_ “Technical School of Image and Communication”. After 14 years working as a Designer / photographer, he decided in 2017 to give priority to his love of photography.
"Traveling is discovering new places, cultures and people."
Photography is where he finds the serenity, tranquility and space for reflection, it serves as a round-trip ticket, each image has the ability to put feelings captured in the world of experiences and immortalize them. He collect memories of this world, emotions he felt at each moment.
Sponsored by LEE Filters since 2017. Also in 2017 he was awarded 3rd in Landscape at IPAINTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, and in 2018 he exhibited at MU.SA – Museum of the Arts of Sintra with the Exhibition "MINDFULLNESS". Received 3 Honorable Mentions at IPAINTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2018 and a first place and gold star in Fine Art / Landscape and an honorable mention in Nature / Waterscapes at the Neutral Density Photography Awards 2018.

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