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Piece description from the artist

Have you ever seen something that just baffled you? Have you tried to tell someone about it and have them simply shake their head at you in disbelief? This is my story with this piece. It is only a representation of what I saw, it is not exact. It’s impossible for me to get that exact. It was beautiful and strange and something like that is hard to pin down in one image. I was sitting with my husband, watching tv. Suddenly, to my left, there was something moving out of the corner of the left side of the room. I looked straight at it, and it zoomed across the room and up to my right. It did a loop and then shot to the corner of the ceiling where it meets the wall. There was a quick poof of a tiny white round moth with little round wings. Then the tiny moth was gone. The duration might have lasted 5 seconds. When I saw this thing traveling across the room I shot up from where I was sitting on the couch to get a better look at it. My husband asked, ‘what on earth are you doing?’ and I asked him ‘Didn’t you see that?!’ … ‘See what?’, he said. I proceeded to tell him. He looked at me like my head had fallen off and I then sewed it back on with dental floss. When someone clearly thinks you said something crazy, you let it go. I have never mentioned it to him again. I have mentioned it to several people since and only one person believes I saw what I saw. That one person is my daughter. Thankful for that. So, here it is. For what it’s worth. Very strange, very beautiful and I take it as a gift of some sort. From whom? I have no idea. But I like that idea. Thanks so much for reading this and viewing my art. It really means a lot.

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About Kc Pollak

Montrose, CO

I have been an artist all my life, ever since I could hold a pencil. I have always loved to draw and paint. My styles have varied over the years from realism to abstract and everything in between. The mediums I most enjoy working with are: oil, colored pencil, charcoal, graphite, watercolor, pen & ink, alcohol ink, and acrylic. Currently I am experiencing a mammoth amount of creative freedom working on abstract art.

In 2015, I donated one of my kidneys to a young woman who had only been born with one very diseased kidney. Since then she has been thriving and now going to college and living her life. What a blessing! I consider this a privilege and I'm so happy I was a match for her.

I have lived all over the country (U.S.). I primarily grew up in Woodland Park, CO. Following living in Woodland, I lived in Durango, CO, Farmington, NM, Houston, TX, Philadelphia, PA, Atlanta, GA and currently live in Montrose, CO (hopefully for good). I thankfully found my way back to Colorado. We live near Colona, in the shadow of Buckhorn Mountain (west/central Colorado) and absolutely love this place! It is remote, uncluttered, quiet, peaceful and beautiful. The inspiration I feel in my heart here is something I’ll be forever grateful for. It makes my soul sing!

I love to ski and am glad I live near some great places. Telluride, Crested Butte, Aspen, etc …when money allows. On February 12, 2017 I was in a ski accident in Telluride. Someone hit me from behind and knocked me unconscious for a few minutes (yes, I was wearing a helmet) and broke my collar bone. The guy hit me and left me for dead. He still has yet to be found. It's considered a felony to hit and run, just like in a car. Consequently, I suffered a concussion that has changed my life forever. My creativity has changed. Something happened to my eyes and I have a hard time doing the tiny details I used to do. But something also clicked in terms of how I approach my art. The freedom of abstraction has helped me heal and cope. Not only from the accident but with so many areas of my life. I have learned what true forgiveness means (to give as well as receive). I have a new appreciation for how fragile our lives really are and just how quickly life can be taken from us. A lot of things can change in the blink of an eye! That moment created a complete paradigm shift in my life. Mostly for the better.

I’m involved in an art mentoring program called Art Partners. I mentor a young boy (age 10). He created a piece that won first place in the student category of the Ouray Alpine Artist’s Holiday art show (nationwide) as well as 1st place in The Montrose Visual Arts Guild 2018 art show. I love the fact that I get to help shape this young man's creative future. He's my lil buddy.

There is an old cabin (100+ yrs old) on the property where I live that I have turned into my art studio. It’s my retreat and sanctuary. While I'm in this cabin, creativity just bursts forth in a riot of paint and color! This, I believe, is my heavenly father working through me. I'm still not sure what the grand purpose is but I keep my mind and heart open. I'm expecting adventure because, really, there's no way to know what's next. Like I always say, "the point is not to live forever but to create something that does."

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