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Mixed media on board, 2015

Other works by Alec Goss

About Alec Goss

Decatur, IL


The son of two well-known local artists, Alec Goss sold his first paintings at age fourteen, and is now living in Chicago doing freelance work, exhibiting, attending SAIC, and is also a member of The Vault Arts in Tuscola, Illinois. Despite his age, Alec has participated in many art shows receiving a number of awards and accolades, and has even worked alongside the likes of Ron English, Mary-Lou Zelazny, and Nick Beery.

Alec's work deals with concepts of material exploration, art historical aesthetics, abstract and figure painting, new media applications, psychological studies, pop culture, satire, and narrative to name a few. His artworks hang in local restaurants, galleries, and homes across the nation, and are subsequently ready for purchase online.

See Alec's portfolio here

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