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Distorted photo from Vienna.

Other works by Daniel Derosato

About Daniel Derosato

Philadelphia, PA

Daniel DeRosato is a freelance graphic designer currently living in the Philadelphia area. DeRosato creates images using glitching methods or generative processes with the aid of technology. He takes something complete, such as text, image, sound, or video, and damages the file’s coding through corruption or translation into an entirely new form. The pieces can range in appearance, from fragmented portraits of friends to large abstracted color fields. His subject matter focuses on themes of failure, unstable creation, and fragmented origins.

One method that he has studied focuses on repeatedly translating projects through different file types and understanding how each step effects the process with conventional glitches. From this, DeRosato begins to see what operations will create different outcomes. Aside from projects that are solely displaying glitched data, he is trying to push the boundaries of glitching by incorporating it into traditional practices. He has integrated corrupted data in letterpress, printmaking, bookbinding, graphic design, creative writing, and his online presence through Facebook and other social apps.

Dan also has experience in traditional printmaking, letterpress, bookbinding, screen printing, lithography, video editing, web design, installation, and performance art.

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