Vultures bootleggers

Vultures, Bootleggers

Piece description from the artist

Another title inspired by music, this one comes from lyrics in Julian Casablancas' "11th Dimension":
'Forgive them even if they are not sorry / All the vultures, bootleggers at the door waiting.'
A meat market in the foreground and the tip of the TransAmerica building sneaks up in the back. The full lyrics to the aforementioned song are some of my favorite lyrics ever. I don't get to articulate the truths or poems of the city scenes I choose, but if they could talk, I'd hope they'd say something wise like that.

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About Marianne Bland

Sacramento, CA

Marianne Bland’s art career began in 1998 when she started her own mural painting business at the age of 16. She has since acquired a BFA in Painting & Drawing from the California College of the Arts and has studied abroad in Marseille, France.

Marianne's favorite subject matter is the city. She is intrigued by the urban landscape as a dense concentration of diverse, individual experiences occurring simultaneously in a public space. She often explores the city’s harmony of contradictions in colorful nightscape paintings and her biggest influences are Edward Hopper and Wayne Thiebaud.

In 2011, she was selected as a large heart artist for “Hearts in San Francisco 2012”. Marianne’s paintings have been exhibited throughout Northern California at venues including Stanford University and City Art Gallery. She currently works out of her home studio in Sacramento, California.

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