Vietnamese Water Puppets

Piece description from the artist

Vietnamese water puppetry originated back in the 11th century and is unique to that part of the world. During performances, the puppets appear to dance on the pools of water in which the shows are performed. Skilled puppeteers stand waist deep in the water behind a screen and maneuver the puppets on long poles.

Other works by Scott Sughrue

About Scott Sughrue

Tewksbury, MA

Scott Sughrue is passionate about photography. A native New Englander, Scott has a keen eye for capturing colors, patterns and textures in his subjects.

His work ranges from a minuscule details like morning dew on a flower, to the majestic vista in a national park.

Scott's photographic interests include architecture, people, nature, travel and product photography. As an architectural photographer, Scott is excited to have worked with designers and architects in the Boston-area for both interior and exterior photography.

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