Vertical horizon

Vertical Horizon

Piece description from the artist

In this glowing, vibrant piece, Lorie paints undulating sand dunes and fading mountains, set against a saturated, red sky.

Other works by Lorie Setton

About Lorie Setton

Miami, FL

Lorie Setton studied painting and art history at the Florence University of the Arts, as well as the University of Florida, where she earned her B.F.A. She recently lived on the road and drove cross-country with a camera, a sketchbook, and a tent, gathering thousands of inspiring images before returning to south Florida, where she currently works and lives.

Her most recent works are inspired by the American landscapes from her travels, and their surreal and expansive qualities. Lorie’s ongoing series of ‘Hybrid Landscapes’ stem from her emotional connection and physical distance from these faraway places. Sitting on a horizon that one can never reach, each piece is an impossible world of different colors, objects, weathers, textures, and terrains that may not normally exist together. In her work, Lorie also attempts to communicate the experience of being in the presence of these natural wonders.
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