Vedauwoo #35

Piece description from the artist

Vedauwoo is a region located in Cheyanne Wyoming, 30 miles north of our home in Fort Collins, CO. The rocky outcrop of large stacked rock granite formations rocks in the area are the inspiration behind the cut paper shapes. Large blocks of weathered Sherman granite primarily composed of crystalline fragments of quartz and feldspar are grouped together in large granite towers formed by stacks of huge rectangular blocks that have been rounded by windblown sand. The geometric shapes with rounded edges of the collage mimic the stacked rock formations. The texturing and layering of paper creates a sensation that is highly complex and provocative. Colors are drawn from the sand, sky and trees. The handmade paper is stretched and textured with medium body acrylics. Each piece is hand cut and glued with wheat paste.

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About Chris Wheeler

Fort Collins, CO

Chris Wheeler grew up in Philadelphia and stayed in the northeast until he graduated from St. Joseph’s university. Shortly after, he began to travel to Europe for months at a time. He spent most of his days in the art museums and galleries storing ideas and absorbing the creativity. At the age of 26 he moved to Seattle where he began painting and sculpting in a small studio. Chris spent three years in the Northwest working various jobs and searching for his art form. When he moved to Asia he found an art form that truly appealed to his creative side. He moved to Tainan City, Taiwan where he lived for five years. While in Taiwan he studied art, specifically Chinese landscape painting and calligraphy, but more importantly he learned how to mount works on paper for scrolls and shoji screens. With this skill the artist was able to stretch and manipulate paper in ways very few people can. Almost instantly he began creating his own art using these techniques. He had found his art form and the discoveries he made in Tainan during those years made all of his future work possible.
He returned to Seattle in 2005 and immediately opened Nha Vuu Studio and Design with his wife. The studio restores works of art on paper for galleries, Asian antique dealers and collectors from all over the country. Chris is one of the few people in the US able to do this kind of work. During this time he repaired and rebuilt dozens of shoji screens some 200-300 years old. During this period the artist began producing and selling Shoji screens of his own.
Today Chris resides in the Fort Colins, CO. He runs two art studios, Nha Vuu Studio and Design and Pergamena Fine Art. He and his wife split their time between Fort Collins and Seattle. He still makes time to restore art while producing new works year round.

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