Vanity can


Piece description from the artist

The image is a photographic reproduction of the original, handmade, 3D sculpture (Mixed Media on a Tin Can).
I have always experienced a deep fascination with the creative and conceptual potential of everyday objects as powerful tools to deliver meaningful inspiration. I have experimented widely and throughout the course of my career, I have produced several monographic series working with common use objects such as Tin Cans, Lighters, Old TV Sets, Orthopedic Aids and Coffins. A selection of these works can be found on my website (Sections: Artworks-Light Vintage).

Other works by Gaia Light

About Gaia Light

Miami Beach, FL

Born and raised in Rome, Italy, Gaia received a Law Degree from La Sapienza University, Rome, and subsequently chose to pursue an artistic career devoting her professional efforts to the visual arts and documentary photography, depicting and researching the interactions between the singular human psyche and the world-at-large, with socially driven photo-reportages and personal researches and investigations.
She works primarily as a visual artist and, since 2010, with the birth of the Light TV project, as a filmmaker. Gaia Light’s photographs and artworks have been extensively published and exhibited internationally. She is currently based in Miami.

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