Value in Disguise

Piece description from the artist

Many people measure value in relation to lightness and darkness, often rushing to shades of grey to black and white. Other dimensions of value, such as proximity, texture, distance and color, tend to be far less prominent. These are the components that have been used in this piece. The true mystery of this piece lies in the fact that the closer your eye, the less you will understand and the further your eye is, the more you will see. It is a test of conventional habits.

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About Davy Mellado

Media, PA

Taking root in fine art and commercial marketing, Davy Mellado focuses on providing work of finite detail and attention. The more you look closer at his work, the more there is to discover. This is one of the many reasons why a large medium works well for his pieces. Davy spends time calculating the precise movement of your attention as your eyes pace over the canvas. The dynamics of contrast, relationship, and hierarchy create a sense of complexity while keeping your eyes intrigued. Davy has studied Architectural design at a private liberal arts school and has been taught by a fine arts professional before that. While recently entering into the professional art field, Davy had many companies feature his work on their website, as well as utilized in mass print to multiple countries. Davy has also collaborated with Emmy Award-winning Video Boutique company Evolve IMG. Many of his influences include Jean Jullien, Peter Belanger, and Harry Callahan. Starting off in photography, Davy has spent years shooting pictures, refining his work and receiving many positive reviews and comments. But what seems to spark his interest is the close attention to making strange scenes look realistic. This is Davy Mellado. Welcome, and enjoy his work.

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