Vacation road

Vacation Road

Piece description from the artist

This scene is from our annual family vacation to South Haven, Michigan. I snapped a photo of this goregous view on the first morning walk we had during our stay this summer. I was attracted to the value changes and the vast vareity of greens. I chose to have a bright coral color as a back layer to really play up the contrasts with the many green hues that are woven into the piece. That punch of color that pokes through really gives the piece a modern and funky feel while not disrupting the overall calm/serene vibe of the piece. This is definitely one of my favorite pieces to date!

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About Jessica Green

Indianapolis, IN

Jessica Green graduated in 2004 with an art education degree and quickly got immersed into the colorful and chaotic life of an elementary art teacher. While loving her ‘dream job’, she couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that she had it in her to be a painter. Years passed and by 2012, Jessica found herself in a new stage of life, now at home raising her two young children. The pursuit of her own artwork had always taken backseat to her teaching career, and although motherhood presented her with a whole new set of obstacles, it was finally time to get serious about painting!

In March of 2013, Jessica set a personal goal to paint 500 paintings and published a blog where she documents her journey and progress along the way. Green’s passion for art education still runs strong as she offers many classes for children and adults in the Indianapolis area. “Teaching art will always be my first love, but it’s through the act of teaching that I’ve learned and have grown as an artist myself. I see being a teacher and an artist as interrelated. Continuing to instruct and inspire others in what I’m learning will always be a part of what excites me.”

Jessica Green’s artwork focuses on beauty and color; from stunning landscapes and cloud-filled skies to ordinary, everyday objects. Green’s brushstrokes are broad and loose, creating a beautiful sense of movement. “I love the challenge of finding the complicated or ordinary, and translating those subjects with my paint, in a fresh, new way.” Green hopes to inspire viewers to see the beauty that surrounds them with a new perspective and appreciation.

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