Urban enchantment

Urban Enchantment

Piece description from the artist

New York is home, but I've been away for all too long, in a place where it never snows. If there's one thing that invigorates my soul, it's a fresh snow. This particular one was unexpected and I was out on the streets in Crocs, a fact that was ignored while trying to make my way through the slippery white streets. I finally arrived at Washington Square Park after my body had taken quite a beating from two dramatic falls, but my spirit remained quite high. The serenity of the scene was well worth the challenges in getting there, and thank goodness my camera was protected like the Mona Lisa.

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About Lynne Kaplan

Miami, FL

"A good photographer must love life more than he does photography." -Joel Strasser

Lynne Kaplan thanks her dad for developing her interest in photography with his after-dinner slideshows. At the end of each one, when her brothers would say, "Great," Lynne would say, "More!" She found herself enamored by a photograph's power to freeze a moment in time, tell a story, evoke emotion, and express an aesthetic. It was that early revelation that turned Lynne into a "passion-clicker" who yearns to capture the fabric of life. A self-taught photographer, she creates work that ranges from nuanced to in-your-face, from simplistic to grand; and often sprinkles it with humor, sentiment, and social commentary.

Lynne's friends and family frequently tell her to put her camera down and enjoy the moment. What they don't realize is that when she’s holding her camera she's immersed in the moment. Seeing the world through a lens encourages her to notice the artistry of even the most mundane places and the poetry of everyday experience. It's her way of stopping to smell the roses.

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