Untitled No. 18

Piece description from the artist

Ink on Paper, 2016

Other works by Luke Homitsky

About Luke Homitsky

Pittsburgh, PA

Luke Homitsky works in a variety of artistic mediums. Whether abstract oils or ink based performances the work carries a theme of repetition and time. He tends to produce a body of work in a three or four year time period.

His large abstractions are collectively one of his longest studies with almost 40 pieces in total spanning over 6 years time. These works have been shown and collected internationally. The paintings demonstrate his most traditional body of work to date. These 'Human-sized' canvases aim to provide the viewer with a new discussion or idea with each passing day. One can find new forms and narratives in the works with each reflection. While the work is oil on canvas, the viewer is still reminded of his performance exhibitions with the thousands brushstrokes providing evidence of the artist's energy and physical connection to each canvas.

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