"Untitled" from Stretch series

Piece description from the artist

Being a minority I often find myself as a perpetual outsider. I use a visually symbolic language to deal with my existence within this seemingly segregated art world. Because of this I find the work to be an assertion of myself within the “white cube” of the gallery space. This is an abstracted self-portrait based on my profile using silhouettes.

Other works by Melody Boone

About Melody Boone

South Orange, NJ

Melody S. Boone is a mixed-media artist, currently living and working in South Orange, New Jersey. With her understanding of both African American and art history, Boone creates abstracted narratives in an effort to dispel the notion of race as a label. She has worked with several professional artists and has received artist fellowships and grants to assist in her art practice. As her work continues to develop, Boone maintains the use of her "home" as an inspirational source, works to gain a deeper understanding of herself and continues to investigate her family history.

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