Untitled blue with dots

Untitled (blue with dots)

Piece description from the artist

A work of art I created a few years back, this piece is a silk screen made on thick water color paper. Instead of making a usual silk screen with the mesh fabric, I created this pattern directly on the paper, silk screened through an empty mesh screen, waited for the ink to dry, then peeled off the details that were on the paper. It was a long process, but it allowed for completely unique silk screens that were impossible to perfectly recreate. Most of them, this piece included, have the same pattern throughout, but a single spot is slightly different, as though it was intentionally messed up. My way of saying that nothing is truly perfect.

Other works by Robert Darabos

About Robert Darabos

Saginaw, MI

Robert Darabos is a current graduate student, studying and residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His most recent body of artwork deals with the use of repetition, optical illusions, abstraction, and mark making. They have an abstract quality to them, though are not necessarily abstract, and almost always contain the motif of a circle, or another geometric shape.

His medium of choice is printmaking, though recently he has been experimenting with collage work, as well as drawing. He has also been working in alternative photography processes, particularly cyanotype, and using the process as a means of fine art instead of photography and creating beautiful one-of-a-kind works of abstraction.

Robert has been showing his work in galleries and exhibitions since 2007 and have had over 50 shows, 9 of them solo, several publications and multiple awards. His work has been shown primarily in Michigan but has also appeared in Chicago, New York, Seattle, Kansas, Arizona, Philadelphia, and North Carolina, as well as internationally in Canada, England, Colombia, Australia, Japan, China, Wales and Malaysia. He has also placed works in personal, private, and permanent collections. His work is featured in international collections in Derbeyshire, England, the Chengdu Academy of Fine Art in Sichuan, China, the Hambis Printmaking Museum in Cyprus and the Museum of Modern Art in Wales, among others.

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