Under the long nights moon

Under The Long Night’s Moon

Piece description from the artist

The magical light of the December moon, or the Long Night’s Moon, inspired me to create a painting of the same name. The full Long Night’s Moon appears near the winter solstice, the darkest time of year. This contrast between light and darkness makes the glow of moonlight especially poignant.

I was intrigued by the December midwinter moon because the long arc of the moon’s path above the horizon makes it the most visible moon of the year.

The moon can signify wisdom, intuition, creativity and spiritual connection. I am inspired by the idea that when it reminds us to rely on our intuition, it takes us on the path to realizing our true potential.

To capture the feel of the brilliant moonlight reflecting off of the snow-covered city, I built up layers of paint with gold leaf to give the piece depth and luminosity.

Other works by Cynthia Ligeros

About Cynthia Ligeros

Englewood, CO

The art of Cynthia Ligeros incorporates impressionist elements that reveal an inner landscape to the viewer, an image at once familiar and transcendent. She seeks to explore our place in a world that we have created, yet one which also creates us.

Her paintings often begin with a single driving emotion. From that, an image develops, inspired by the colors, cycles and feelings of the environment.

Sunsets, moonscapes, flowers, the changing seasons — all of these are sources of inspiration, adding richness and layers of complexity to her paintings.

Even industrial spaces and structures figure prominently in her work, contrasting the artifice of the cityscape against the limitless beauty of the sky.

As she paints, she redefines the spaces around us and how they connect to our lives.

Her artwork was recently acquired by Colorado Creative Industries for the newly remodeled Ketchum Arts and Sciences Building at CU Boulder.

Her art has appeared at the Denver Mayor’s Residence, Denver International Airport, the Madden Museum, Denver Botanic Gardens, Professional Artist Magazine, FOX News, and galleries from San Francisco to New York City.

See Cynthia's portfolio here

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