Ugly Sunday Morning

Piece description from the artist

I have always been drawn to the human form. I am fascinated by the instant connection it creates between the subject and the viewer. No matter who that viewer may be there is a connection. The visual presence of the human form is a very powerful image. It speaks to everyone and we certainly feel the same emotions from one time to another. With my work I try to create a dialog between subject and viewer. Whether it may be through a certain mood or even a look. I want to intrigue the viewer. I want the viewer to wonder who this person is, what they are thinking, and what is going on in the painting. I am really looking to create works that draw the viewer in and entice them to figure out the meaning, or better yet create their own.

Most of my work is done from imagination. I certainly use references for the figure, but there is a time when I turn away from references and let my imagination take over. I think that this process gives the work a certain quality that I am looking for.

I mainly work with oil paints, as I love the sculptural nature of the medium; the mysterious colors that arrive unannounced, the sense of control and yet at the same time an element of unpredictability.

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About Chris Lovely

Haverhill, MA

Christopher Lovely was born in Haverhill, MA and grew up with an insatiable desire to create; trying his hand at drawing, painting, photography and sculpture.

When he began his formal arts education at Montserrat College of Art, he focused on realist painting. Upon graduation, he was granted a scholarship to study at the prestigious New York Academy of Art, founded in-part by "Andy Warhol":, and focused on training in figurative art through a rigorous study of anatomy, art history, sculpture, painting and drawing. Chris studied under painters Vincent Desiderio, Jack Beal, Martha Erlebacher and Wade Schuman.

Although occasionally investigating still lifes and landscapes, Chris's work primarily uses oil on canvas and the human figure to explore emotion. His work is shown across the Northeastern United States, including the Windham New York Fine Arts Gallery, the McQuaid Gallery, Newburyport Arts Association, and the Bowery Gallery in NYC. His work is now part of private and corporate collections throughout the United States.

Chris has taught art courses at Merrimack College, NECC and Phillips Exeter and is now owner of Post Road Framers in Rowley, MA. He previously taught painting workshops through the Newburyport Arts Association and lectured on the 1990 Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum Heist. Chris also participated in a number of charity art auctions in Massachusetts.

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