Truth to Power

Piece description from the artist

Being in the Zoom Room with Keynote Speaker, Dr. Christopher Emdin for Lincoln Center Activate was electrifying. He was animated and inspiring. His passion was contagious and also fun to watch!

In March 2020, life changed.

Regulations went up, and venues shut down. The greatest hardship—most would agree—was being separated from loved ones, friends, and colleagues. We all scrambled to adjust to our new circumstances.

I remember first “meeting” with my staff in March using a video conferencing app called Zoom. I never suspected that Zoom would become an integral part of my life, and really, everyone’s lives.

We were now seeing each other within the borders of a solid black frame. The experience was detached, yet intimate. It was strange and funny how people presented themselves, their expressions, and settings—what was on their walls and who else was in the room (knowingly and unknowingly). Admittedly, I enjoyed being a voyeur.

And that was it. The idea popped into my head to take screenshots and do paintings from these virtual moments. I was working through my own complicated feelings about what was happening in the world, and I began to feel excited to tell a story—my story and other people’s stories.

Finding myself multiple times daily on Zoom became a treasure hunt. I was peering into those Hollywood squares on a quest for the interesting story. I painted myself first, a strangely stiff, unsatisfactory self-portrait. But once I started painting everyone else…well, that’s when I began to really have fun.

Other works by Nanci Hersh

About Nanci Hersh

Landenberg, PA

Nanci Hersh is a contemporary mixed-media artist whose work transforms personal stories into art to reveal our deeper connections.Her two-dimensional work, as well as her sculptures and installations are symbolic explorations of the grace, beauty, and fragility of our lives.

Nanci is also an educator, arts advocate and former Executive Director of the Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States including "Riverfront 20/20" and Farthest from the Ordinary" at The Delaware Contemporary, “50 States/200 Artists” at the Museum of Encaustic Art in Santa Fe, NM, “Eons Beyond the Rib” at Seraphin Gallery in Philadelphia, PA, “Paper Work” at the Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie and “The Demoiselles Revisited” at Francis M. Naumann Fine Art, NYC, along with solo exhibitions in PA, NJ, DE, and HI. Nanci has received numerous honors including three purchase awards from the State Foundation of Culture and the Arts, Hawai’i, and three Leeway Foundation Art & Change Grants. Her work is included in the Public Collections of Museum of Encaustic Art, Johnson & Johnson, Leland Portland Cement, and OSI Pharmaceuticals to name a few.

With her cousin and author, Ellen McVicker, Nanci illustrated and co-created the children’s book Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings: When someone you love has cancer… a hopeful, helpful book for kids. Now in its 8th printing, the book is a resource and comfort to children and their families around the world.

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