Piece description from the artist

Traveling was one of those paintings that "painted itself". It was created using the natural texture of the encaustic paint as a base. After the base was dry, I used a sharp potters tool to etch in the circles and shapes. Without making a plan ahead of time, I allowed my intuition to guide me as to where to place the next shape. This was a magical process and I really enjoyed the composition that it laid out for me. Following that, I rubbed oil stick over the entire piece, allowing the pigment to settle into the crevices which created abundant texture. Next, I chose some beautifully muted copper, gold and pink hues to enhance the work, carefully painting 1-4 layers in selected forms, creating a range of densities from translucent to opaque. The overall feel of the work is beautiful and mysteriously feminine.

About Annie Darling

Cape Elizabeth, ME

Annie Darling was born in Chicago, Illinois and studied fine art and graphic design at the University of Oregon and the University of Southern Maine where she graduated with a degree in communication arts. Annie has enjoyed a distinguished career as an artist, art director, and designer, receiving international acclaim for her visual design work. Annie’s love of encaustic, mixed media, oil painting and photography is evidenced in the numerous bodies of work that exhibit her singular and distinctive style. Her paintings can be found in public venues and private collections world-wide.

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