Train blue boating

Train Blue Boating

Piece description from the artist

Train Blue is a restaurant located on the top floor of the Gare de Lyon train station in Paris. This rendition imagines that the location is flooded and the walls take on a life of its own as observed by casual boaters drift through the surreal landscape.

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About Jeff Mihalyo

Seattle , WA

Jeff Mihalyo is an award winning Seattle based artist trained at Otis/Parsons in the Flemish Renaissance painting tradition. His work is nationally and internationally collected and has exhibited in Beijing, Los Angeles, Moscow, Satorini, and Wuppertal Germany.
Supporting himself as an illustrator and animator for Microsoft, DreamWorks, Nintendo, McGraw-Hill and others, Mihalyo built a career in the interactive media and product design industries. Yet his heart and passion resides with painting and the pursuit of his fine art aspirations.
His influences are an amalgamation of classicism, surrealism, symbolism, twentieth century sci-fi/fantasy and visionary art. He augments his compositions with references to world travel, history, sociopolitical and cultural observations of our times.
The artist renders architecture and figuration that is bathed in luminescent colors. In each painting he combines narrative elements into a poetically distilled message. The fusion of his personal experiences and his dreamlike imagination often incorporates absurdities traditionally associated with surrealist movement.

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