Traci lordz from crybaby

Traci Lordz from Crybaby

Piece description from the artist

An original oil painting of Traci Lords as Wanda from the movie Crybaby.

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About Anastacia Goodin

Los Angeles, CA

Anastacia Goodin is a painter living in Brooklyn, New York. She is from grey and mysterious Seattle Washington, and sunny and charming Los Angeles, California.

Anastacia has a BFA from the University of Washington. Some of her favorite artists are Ingres, Balthus, Sargent, and Manet. Anastacia has two babies: her Bicycle and her Louis Vuitton Speedy purse. She is also a very talented dancer, writer, and face painter. She dreams of someday working at the gift shop in the Grand Canyon, and in the Waldorf Astoria, because she has already fulfilled her dream of working at a Vintage store on Venice Beach. Anastacia loves palm trees, popcorn, birthday cake and ice cream, Old Hollywood, Old cars, Marie Antoinette, Motels, Drake and Justin Bieber.

Anastacia loves America, based on the principals it was founded on, including the right we Americans have to practice any religion we chose. Anastacia has a strong attraction to dolls, clowns, and celebrities, for the different layers and illusions these three subjects are able to portray simultaneously. Her favorite genre is portraiture. Anastacia is particularly interested in examining what it means to relate to the perfect American Girl through the innocence and overt sexuality of the female form, and the tricks women use to both camouflage their flaws, and draw attention to their assets.

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