Topless At The Beach

Piece description from the artist

I had a theory. I thought, if you put a bunch of champagne bottles in the lake, and a wave came along and hit the bottles, they would all pop their corks!
So I tried that. Set up a video camera and everything.
Wave came along, hit them, they all fell over.
I said to my wife, "I'm not painting that! I'm going to paint it the way it should be."
That's why this is called "Topless at the Beach."

Other works by Will Enns

About Will Enns

Summerland, Canada

About the artist:
Upon viewing Will Enns' work, people are often surprised to discover it was all created by one person. Will is a versatile spirit who is not limited by stylistic conventions or subject matter.
He is perhaps best known for his Wine in the Water theme, his Fashion images, and lately, his realistc, 3-d paintings on wine barrel staves.
Will's love of his subjects comes through clearly in his unexpected interpretations and exuberant color choices. He is always happy to engage with people who love art, and looks forward to meeting with you.
Please call or write if you wish to speak with Will:
[email protected]

See Will's portfolio here

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