Tipsy turvey

Tipsy Turvey

Piece description from the artist

Tipsy Turvey is an ebullient and joyful abstract painting to bring cheer and lighthearted color. I made it with thoughts of going to an early summer fair – the anticipation of exciting rides and sugary treats.

Other works by Amantha Tsaros

About Amantha Tsaros

Lexington, MA

Amantha’s main inspiration is the desire to create forcefully joyous paintings that can't be ignored. Her bold and optimistic artwork grows out of a passionate urge to spread light and happiness. Through bold color choices and energetic brushwork, she infuses each painting with positive energy that lifts the spirit.

Amantha is the graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a BFA and MFA in Studio Art and Visual Journalism, respectively. Her work has been shown regionally and nationally in numerous juried exhibitions.

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