Tin Foil Hat

Piece description from the artist

This image is from my collection “The Infinite Green of Paper Lawns.” My images are all created using miniature 1:100 scale diorama models, which I build myself. I became interested in miniature photography because of how it can play with one’s sense of reality and scale, and I wanted to try and push the limits of this idea, in the hopes that I might create something truly unique.

Other works by Alber Napoleon Wildner

About Alber Napoleon Wildner

Sligo, AL

Alber Napoleon Wildner is an Irish artist with a keen interest in miniature diorama photography. “The Infinite Green of Paper Lawns” is his first photographic collection. His images are all created using 1:100 scale models, which he builds himself.

Abler’s interest in miniature photography grew from its ability to play with one’s sense of reality and scale. He enjoys pushing the limits of this concept in the hopes the he might create something truly unique in the process.

See Alber Napoleon 's portfolio here

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