Throwing rocks

Throwing Rocks

Piece description from the artist

On a trip to Olympic National Park in Washington State, we stopped at Ruby Beach. An area battered by storms almost without remorse came an afternoon just clear enough to dry out and let the boys run and explore. How peaceful it was finally to be there, throwing rocks into the pool and enjoy my son's delight.

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About Marc Tkach

Alexandria, VA

Marc Tkach, a Virginia based artist, was raised in California and relocated to the East Coast in 2006.

His work, captured through digital photography as well as a variety of obsolete formats and films, focuses on passing moments of contemplation and curiosity. "Sally Mann":, "Richard Misrach": and "Vivian Maier": are among Marc’s sources of inspiration, along with cinematographer "Fan Ho":, painter "Edward Hopper":, and sculptor "Andy Goldsworthy": His photos have been featured in the Smithsonian in Washington, DC, the "Glen Echo Photoworks Gallery":, the Washington Post, the State Department, and many international development publications.

During the day Marc is an engineer in international development; this takes him all over Africa building schools, airports, clinics and water treatment plants. These projects are designed to relieve poverty by removing the constraints that hold back economic growth. He is now five years into this career correction and he hasn't looked back.

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