Three's A Crowd

Piece description from the artist

The images in my collages are picked and then put together using basic design concepts, visual similarities, and unconscious associations as a guide. The titles are derived from the concept of free association. The goal of the artworks is to create something visually interesting while at the same time challenging the viewer to complete the piece and find meaning from their own life experiences and conscious and unconscious associations. The goal is not to dictate meaning to the viewer. It is on the viewer to create their own meanings.

Other works by Liam Smith

About Liam Smith

New York, NY

Liam Smith is a collage artist with interest in the vintage imagery and the way that the mind can create meaning for the viewer out what may appear to be chaotic or haphazard visual information. He has a background in photography, art history, and archives and synthesizes many of these aspects in my work. Some of his influences include artists Robert Rauchesberg, Jasper Johns, John Cage, Nam June Paik, Pablo Picasso, Kurt Schwitters, Henri Matisse, Bruce Conner, Ed Keinholz, and Man Ray as well as twentieth century popular culture. His work seeks to synthesize abstraction, images from a recent though quickly receding past, and aspects of visual noise such as printing screens and tv static into visual stimulating compositions. He lives in Manhattan with his terrier Scotty.

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