The Western Way

Piece description from the artist

Tissue paper is formed, compressed and glued to the canvas to create a three-dimensional work of art. After drying time has occurred, bold color is applied giving the art even more theatrics. The energy and movement of the piece vibrates as if having a pulse.

Other works by Michelle Larsen

About Michelle Larsen

Dallas, TX

Michelle Larsen, a visionary mixed media artist, harnesses the captivating power of paper to sculpt intricate masterpieces upon canvas. Her innovative technique involves the meticulous application of oil paint to the paper sculpture, resulting in awe-inspiring three-dimensional paintings that boldly extend up to four inches from the canvas surface. Recognized for her distinctive artistic style, Michelle has garnered prestigious awards and showcased her exceptional creations in esteemed locales such as New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Dallas, and even in the artistic haven of France.

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