The wall 2

The Wall

Piece description from the artist

This painting was made to honor the memory of the service men and women who sacrificed their lives during the Vietnam War. It was inspired from a visit to the wall in 1996. While there I witnessed people in exactly the same positions as depicted in the painting. In particular you'll see a Grandson on the shoulders of his father, both are standing next to the grandfather. The grandson is etching the name of his grandfather's other son, who made the supreme sacrifice. While viewing this seen, I wondered if the fallen son was also reaching out to his father. So, within the portrait I placed the reflection of the statues of the soldiers such that statue, depicting the fallen son, was reaching back, through the veil, to touch his father's hand.

Other works by Keith Blanton

About Keith Blanton

Granger, IN
Keith Monroe Blanton, one of Indiana’s finest "Realist” oil painters, was born in 1951 to a farming family whose roots can be found in their 1832 homestead farm located on the northeast side of Indianapolis. My earliest memories are of the beautiful people and images associated with the family farms. Beginning with the ability to hold a pencil, I have always painted and sketched the beauty that God has placed around me. It is where I find my peace and my calling. Like most people, my interests over the years have been divided. I received my education in Engineering from Purdue University. The skills that I possess in Art are gifts from God. I have had no formal educational training in Art. My early and middle adult years were spent on the pursuit of an engineering career in the design and construction supervision of roads and bridges throughout Indiana. But, my love has always been in the art of oil painting. To capture on canvas the moment in time, the sparkle in the eye, and yes the very spirit and soul of the person, object, or scene that I am painting. I have always loved the work and passion found in the paintings of the old masters. My years of work as an engineer has aided in the further development of an eye for finite details and an absolute desire to create an heirloom that will be loved and will be cherished for generations. The paintings of Keith Blanton have been on display at Mayor Ballard’s office, the Mayor of Indianapolis and have been at galleries in Indianapolis, Zionsville, South Bend, Goshen, and Plymouth all in Indiana. Keith has also received awards at shows throughout Indiana; the following are a list of a few:

The Indiana State Fair: several honors have been received, ranging from “Third Place” to “Honorable Mention”

DeFries: In the Garden Art Show in 2010 receiving the following two awards:
“Best of Show” and “Honorable Mention”

Northern Indiana Artist Association – 2012 Spencer Gallery Show, receiving the “Judges Award”

Heartland Regional Art Exhibition, 2009, receiving the “Popular Choice” award

See Keith's portfolio here

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