The Trek

Piece description from the artist

The Trek features a landscape from the Great Sand Dunes in middle America, captured during a 30 day cross country road trip. After arriving to the location, we found that the winds were so intense that it became nearly impossible to open one's eyes and enjoy the landscape. Nevertheless, deciding to trek on and climb, the outcome of these efforts produced beautiful results-a belief that is one of the driving forces of my work-always to choose to move forward, trust the process and the rewards will follow.

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About Wes Knoll

Brooklyn , NY

Wes Knoll is a photographer born and based in New York City. After getting his degree from Syracuse university he found that exploration and travel were two of the driving forces behind his work. This is realized through the constant effort to seek out new places, new stories and exploring unfamiliar ways of looking at the mundane. Knoll is constantly immersing himself in various subcultures that are often overlooked in his city aiming to highlight the beauty in the individual's pursuit to self-express and create unique self-identity.

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